Ester Michal

She lives in Argentina where she was born and studied.

Since her childhood she was involved with all kinds of activities for children, organizing summer camps, activities and educational games, all accompanied by music and physical expression.

The dance and music became part of her enter life from an early age.

She took classes in ballet and contemporary dance.

She use to sing and dance at various events, from school events to weddings and meetings.

She is a mother of four children, with them she shares the passion that she has for dance and music. They enthusiastically join her fully enjoying the moment. This further enriches the mother-child bond, relaxes them and brings them joy.

When she found  Joogalkids method she identified with it and felt happy to know that it is possible to implement her potential, through movement and playing, providing those who wish to learn this fun and innovative method.

Today, her goal as Joogalkids instructor is to teach children of this generation, with respect and kindness, the values of this technique, and how good it is to be in harmony with your body, soul and spirit.

Joogalkids is a crucial resource for the child of today to have a tool at the time of facing new situations that are presented in the course of his infant life and in his future life as an adult, helping him to gradually increase his self-esteem and his status as an individual.