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Joogal Kids™ Certification Course
with Devora Benchimol
Joogal Kids™ method is the result of years of work and observation in the practice of meditation in movement with children of all ages. It is a method that combines meditation and mindfulness with body expression and ancient traditional practices such as Tai Chi. Based on the benefits observed in the emotional stability of children who practice with the method, Joogal Kids™ wants to reach more spaces with the aim of raising children who live fully, have self-trust and most of all, are happy.
The distance learning course prepares participants to opt to be certified as a Joogal Kids™ method provider. In this course, participants learn to adopt meditation and mindfulness practices for their own lives, as well as to use learning strategies to help children strengthen their breathing practice, as well as their ability to stay calm, observe and practice core values such as compassion, forgiveness and respect.
The course is divided in three modules of four weeks each. During the modules, participants improve their capacity to integrate mind, body and soul, as well as develop the skills needed to guide children with this integration.
The learning activities used in the course include guided practice with groups of children, a digital learning journal and active exchange with peers in the eLearning platform. Content is distributed through suggested readings (digital or printed), self-paced learning modules, videoclips and videoconferences (webinars) as needed. Participants may contact the course facilitator through e-mail to solve their doubts or concerns.
Approval of the course gives participants the right to opt for the certification in the method to be able to apply it with their own groups of children and receive the kit with the materials that are specially designed to the deliver the Joogal Kids™ experience.


Training $ 1000

M aterial  $400

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