What is Joogal Kids

Joogalkids , meditation in motion

by Eva Szaso


It is a fun and creative method of movement, meditation and full attention or MindfulnessJoogalkids is a project that is born from the intention of taking one step further in the approach for emotional management, learning of values and development of full attention in children ages 3 to 6.


For 26 years I have worked as a teacher of boys and girls between the ages of one and six.  Every day I see how they must deal with emotions such as anger or frustration, how familiar situations are sometimes overwhelming for them and how they can feel lost and out of balance. I listen to many parents and teachers complain about how difficult it is to keep children concentrated, calm and paying full attention.


On the other hand, every day there is a bigger need for families and teachers to know more about their own emotional world, as well as the learners´ emotional world and to have access to powerful tools like meditation or the practice of full attention. All of that in order to go deeper into the path of self-knowledge in order to manage our lives and to accompany children or learners from perspective of kindness, empathy, trust and mutual respect.


In this work I present a program for the development of children as complete beings, making emphasis in empowering their soul, body and mind and at the same time, the management of emotions in children of ages 3 to 6.  For that purpose I have used research and principles used in disciplines such as bodily expression, Yoga, music therapy, full attention, dance, tai chi and relaxation techniques.  I have discovered that an important fact emerged from inside me: there is no point in working with children of such young ages if there is no parallel work done with their families and their teachers. That is why it is so important that wherever this program is used, it is also accompanied by the learning of parents, guides and teachers.


From my own experience as a learner I recognize that there would have been a significant change in the way I managed my emotions as a child if the adults around me would have gone through this process of learning.  On the other hand, the making of Joogalkids has given me the tools to better myself in every aspect that I now work on with children.


Joogalkids was developed by a very personal need and it was from experiencing its benefits personally that I decided to create it for children.  It was by no means an easy task, because for children, their eagerness to learn together with the multiple stimuli accelerated by the media and technology, make the development of full attention face many challenges.  But that was my undertaking…