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Devora was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a family in which there was often time to enjoy dancing together, especially with classical music as a background. During her teenage years, she practiced acrobatic gymnastics, gained physical internal strength in the way, and learned more about dance and free dancing, to nurture her spiritual and artistic side. She was always moving.
At the university she enrolled in classes that encompassed psychology and pedagogy but her vocation was free dancing, so she decided to study with Patricia Stokoe, who was an accomplished dance educator that developed teaching methods to facilitate the search for movement and expression with personal meaning. This new discipline and philosophy, Body expression, grew so much as to need the creation of a Teacher’s training in which Devora enrolled to learn more about rhythm, anatomy and senso-perception.
While living in Jerusalem she began to read the literature created by the Jewish mystics and studied Kabbalah . When she was back in Buenos Aires,she deepened these studies and started weaving in her explorations with dance and movement ….
Devora began to explore the world of meditate 10 years ago, and then she became fascinated with mindfulness .
The result was the generation of a Method and Practice for Kids, which I named Joogal Kids.
Joogal Kids  integrate techniques of mindfulness. I have been perfecting Joogal Kids for many years, during which I observed that children (independently of their cultures, social and economic environments and life stories) enjoy practicing Joogal Kids and learn tons about themselves and the relationship to others, as well as about the balance and interplay between three essential elements we live with /within every day of our lives: body, mind and soul.

Name: Devora Ruth Muller -Benchimol
Date of Birth: January 25, 1963
Marital Status: Married
Phone: 786 222 2904
E-mail: jewgalkids@gmail.com
Web: www.joogalkids.org www.facebook.com/joogalkids

TITLES: Educator, Corporal worker, Life coach, Mindfulness teacher



1983-1985 Body Expression Studies (National School of Dances, Buenos Aires
1983-1985 Phycology educator (CAECE , Argentina)
1985-1986 Yeshiva Machon Chana, NY NY
1999 Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy (Antioch, New England, USA)
2000 School of Massage Therapy (School Esquitem, Spain)
2000 School for practitioner in Bach Flowers, (Buenos Aires Argentina)
2011 Life Coaching Certification

1983 Eutonia,
2000 Course on Shiatsu techniques (Cali, Colombia)
Korean relaxation techniques, (Cali, Colombia)
Course on acupressure
Course on Bach Flower Practitioner (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2005 Course on Bach Flowers
2007 Seminar on Family Abuse in the Jewish community, Dr. A. Twersky
2008 Coaching Seminar
2011 Workshop on Yoga and Mindfulness for kids , Omega Institute
Diploma in life coaching «ontological» orientation
2014 Kabbalistic Coaching
2015 Management of CBT


1983-2010 Professor of Body Language (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
1993-2015 Professor of Jewgal (Colombia, Argentina, Miami)
2002-2015 Professor of Joogalkids (Colombia, Guatemala, Miami)
1987-2015 Jewish studies (Argentina, Colombia, Miami, Guatemala)
2009-2010 Professor of Jewgal (Omechaye, Miami, USA)
2008-2010 Jewish studies, TBS Montessori, Beit Shmuel, Miami
May 2009 Workshop w/ certificate in Joogal 1 (Miami, USA)
May 2010 Workshop w/ certificate in Joogal 2 (Miami, USA)
May 2011 Workshop for Teachers Training certification in Joogalkids, teacher (Miami,
July 2013 Workshop for Teacher Training certification in Joogalkids (Guatemala)
August 2013 Workshop w/ certificate in Joogalkids (Guatemala)
October 2013 Workshop w/ certificate in Joogalkids (Guatemala)
January 2014 Workshop w/ certificate in Joogalkids (Guatemala)
February 2015 Workshop w/ certificate in Joogalkids (Xela, Guatemala)


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Spanish: native language
English: Reading: Excellent
Comprehension: Very Good
Speaking: Very good
Hebrew: Reading: Excellent
Comprehension: Very Good
Speaking: Good